19 Disgusting Things Every Woman Does In Secret

There are certain things women do that men just canโ€™t and wonโ€™t understand.Today, we have highlighted some of the most random, unusual and sometimes gross things the females do in secret.

Galloping Skirt

First up: Lathering up and shaving all the hair off your body. Now I can fully understand where a person is coming from if they want to lather up their body with soap to clean yourself. But this is just wrong and incredibly odd looking.

#2. Peeing in the shower. Now before you get all defensive about how thereโ€™s nothing wrong about this, you have to realize what you are actually doing. You may be peeing in a shower, while getting clean, but still, youโ€™re standing in a massive toilet that you created. Gross. However, these arenโ€™t even close to the grossest things women do. Keep reading for the worst of the worst.