A Couple Got So Rich From Their Personal Sex Videos, They Traveled The World

They say you can fall in love at any given moment... Whether it be at a bookstore while going for the same book or at a cafe realizing you're both lactose intolerant... Cupid is everywhere ladies and gents, and the worst part is we can't see him coming. Such is the case for the Italian couple, Kim and Paulo. Who happened to have fallen in love while there was a third person in their bedroom.

Daily Record

Italians Kim, 23, and Paulo, 28, fell in love after taking part in a threesome at a party. The two are in an open relationship and have from the very beginning of their relationship been filming their sex sessions and now the two are making a fortune out of it. While many people dream of quitting their jobs and traveling around the world, an Italian couple is actually living this dream – making it all work by simply sharing their bedroom antics online.

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