“Double Dick Dude” Wrote A Book On What It’s Like To Live Life With Two Penises And It’s Actually Pretty Interesting

If you’re a fan of AHS: Freak Show chances are people born with special talents interest you. Or maybe you’re one of them yourself. Either way, humans born this way have always peaked the curiosity of others.
And with the Internet and all, they are a lot easier to discover. You don’t have to travel to your local Freak Show to get to know these special human beings. Reddit is the hub of the Internet and with the AMA’s really blowing up for any kind of special circumstance, we have an encyclopedia of other’s experiences at our hands.
The Bloodlust
One recent AMA is going viral for two reasons, the guy heading the whole thing has risen to Reddit fame with his two penises. People from everywhere in the world jumped on his AMA to find out just what that’s like. And we got kind of curious ourselves…