Girl Gets The Ultimate Revenge When She Received An Unwanted Dick Pic By Sending It To The Guy’s Mom

Unfortunately for women everywhere, the Internet has given somewhat a misconception to unwanted creeps, that they can do and say whatever they like. Yes it’s true that putting our profiles out on the World Wide Web is risky as far as making private information public but when your career depends on social media interaction, it’s a tough moral gray area to be in.
That being said minor creepers don’t hold a candle to some of the more serious creepers that models and professional women anywhere on the Internet have to deal with. There’s a fine line between being annoyingly flirty, downright stalkerish, and just obscenely perverted.
Rebecca McGregor deals with those three types all the time, so much so that she had to include on her Instagram biography to please not ask her or send her any nudes. How much obvious does it get than that? Still, some people just don’t know when to quit. Although, after her last encounter with an unwanted dick pic, I think all men will think twice from now on.