Man Filmed Getting Laid On Flight With Hot Blonde But His Secret Is The Worst Part

A flight is a great place to get freaky. The mile high club is always something people are trying to check off on their sexual bucket list. No matter who you are you've at least thought about it. Let me rephrase that, if you clicked on this article you have definitely thought about it. Now have you actually done anything about it? Probably not, so you get to live vicariously through this guy...
Most people who even try to attempt this, do it one of two ways. They fly private like the ballers they are, or they somehow both get into an airplane bathroom. I can barely get in one of those solo so I bet it's super romantic and all that jazz. Not to mention how unclean it probably is. That fat guy sitting next to you was probably in there last, so do you really want that?
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