There’s One Sex Move That Reveals A LOT About Your Guy.

Men, this question is for you. What’s the deal with not wanting to give oral to a woman? What is it about being down there that y’all hate so much? Because when women give oral, you don’t really hear many complaints despite how lackluster it may feel for some of us.
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The truth is, an oral position on a woman or man can actually be something of a power position. I know plenty of women who have claimed to feel more “powerful” when they know they’re giving the best head ever. But I have never heard that from a man about eating a woman out.
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Which is kind of a** backwards since when you are down there, technically, you DO have a certain power over the woman. I apologize for making such a general statement, some of you may absolutely love eating vajamjam. Ladies, if your man does, I have wonderful news for you.