3 Teens Arrested And Charged With Kidnapping, Adultery, And Battery After Streaming The Whole Thing Live

We all have our different paths and lives we have lived. No one knows what you have been through better than yourself, however, whatever bad or traumatic thing that may have happened to you- it doesn’t give you the right to hurt other people.
The Inquisitr
This is a complicated life lessons for a lot of criminals out in the world today. Sadly, due to a number of factors in our society today, a lot of these criminals are young kids. Sometimes they belong in a gang, sometimes they don’t, but these three youngsters from Mississippi have really changed the standards of “violence for fun.”
The FutureLaw Initiative
A video uploaded to one of their Facebook’s has recently gone viral due to the display of brute, dangerous, and violent behavior. The following story is some what brutal, so don’t say I didn’t warn you.