12 Revealing Texts That Put Cheaters In Their Place And Humiliated Them Forever

It disappoints me to say that some people are just not mature enough for a relationship. However, this isn’t news to me or to any of you reading this, relationships are tough and nobody is perfect. But cheating is a whole different level of imperfect, it’s irresponsible and therefore- immature.
If you’re going to cheat in a relationship do everyone a favor and just break up with that person. Yes, it will hurt, yes it will suck, but it’ll hurt and suck a lot less. I promise you the other person will sincerely appreciate it and it would be a lot less messy.
Love Panky
That being said, I don’t want to give too much credit to cheaters, it may be immature but that sort of implies that they get away with it. And that’s not always the case though, is it? Sometimes karma takes care of the situation and sticks a cheater’s foot in their very own mouth. I couldn’t help smiling with all my teeth when I saw these texts, ah some people are just so… dumb.
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