This Old Man Has Everyone Convinced He’s A Real Time Traveler From 2118

Ah, time travel... We all dream technology may some day be so advanced, will we be to lucky? We probably don't deserve it, how does the saying go? Oh right, with great power comes great responsibility. And humans lack responsibility. But we have our imaginations, and Hollywood... And this man, who claims to have just returned from the year 2118 and he brought back some proof.

Daily Express

An elderly man has claimed to be one of the first time travelers in the world and has been to the year 2118 - and has a photo to prove it. Alexander Smith says he was involved in a secretive CIA experiment and is risking his life to talk about the future. In a video on YouTube he claims the CIA are "looking for me and I am living in hiding". He claims to have traveled from 1981 to 2118 and back.